An Endorsement of Harvest Reporting and Trusting Wildlife Researchers

Paul McCarney addresses the issues of mandatory reporting and lack of faith in wildlife researchers.

Paul McCarney

If you derive any enjoyment from the largely intact suite of wildlife that roams North America, enjoy healthy wetlands that clean and filter our drinking water across the continent, or just simply enjoy the concept and existence of healthy habitats and wildlife, then you have benefitted from scientific research and the role it has played in North American conservation over the last century.

That we now have stable populations of many North American mammals is a direct result of conservation initiatives rooted in what is known as the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. In particular, many of the species that are so critical in the lives of thousands of hunters across North America would likely not be here were it not for this model and its thoughtful application across the continent. Without the North American model, we might very well be without thriving populations of elk, bison, wild turkeys…

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