An Endorsement of Harvest Reporting and Trusting Wildlife Researchers

Originally posted on Paul McCarney:
If you derive any enjoyment from the largely intact suite of wildlife that roams North America, enjoy healthy wetlands that clean and filter our drinking water across the continent, or just simply enjoy the concept and existence of healthy habitats and wildlife, then you have benefitted from scientific research and the…

Minnow misconceptions

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Just like they say, ‘more species, more problems’…well, we’ve got lots of problems. The minnow family—Cyprinidae (Sy-Prin-I-Dee)—is the largest freshwater fish family in the world, boasting over 3,000 species from ~370 genera. But because of that great diversity, minnows are one of the most misunderstood groups of fishes on…

Media Misrepresentations of the Hunter, the Hunted, and Hunting

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Keeping on top of the ways hunting is represented in the media is an ongoing effort. The immediacy with which information, and misinformation, spreads through social media can make it difficult to be aware of and respond to every conversation about hunting. On top of that, with attention spans becoming increasingly short,…

Stomach Bug

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It’s not a surprise when someone is feeling under the weather this time of year. Runny noses, fevers, and the dreaded stomach bug which makes 24 hours feel like 24 days. But compared to deer, humans are fragile and weak. The injuries and parasites deer live with every day…

Exploring community ecology using Pokémon Go (Now live, data due October 31st)

Originally posted on The Drew Lab at Columbia University:
Introduction: One of the major questions facing ecologists and resource managers is understanding the amount of diversity in a particular area. This is important not only for describing macro ecological trends such as species gradients, but for allowing for the more precise application of limited conservation…

Backcountry Trip – Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

I recently returned from the 2nd annual backcountry camping trip with my friends Trevor and Candace Sheffield.  Last year, we spent the first night on Sucker Lake and the second on Bottle Lake. This year, we paddled straight into Sucker Lake for two nights.  As you can see from the map below, the portage between … More Backcountry Trip – Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

Thoughts On Josh Bowmar and Spear Hunting

  Wow.  Bring on the shit-show. That’s the first coherent thought that I could muster after watching a video of Josh Bowmar kill a black bear with a spear.  The former collegiate javelin thrower, equipped with multiple GoPros, has drawn significant criticism for his use of a primitive tool, which many people believe has no place … More Thoughts On Josh Bowmar and Spear Hunting

Dumb and Dumber (Re-post)

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Not long ago, the Ontario government was proposing to loosen restrictions on wolf hunting, largely in response to some people in the hunting community who have some political clout and connections and who believe a higher harvest of wolves will help struggling moose populations recover. I didn’t think much of what…