Exploring community ecology using Pokémon Go (Now live, data due October 31st)

Reblog from Labroides: Using Pokemon Go to explore concepts in community ecology.

The Drew Lab at Columbia University


One of the major questions facing ecologists and resource managers is understanding the amount of diversity in a particular area. This is important not only for describing macro ecological trends such as species gradients, but for allowing for the more precise application of limited conservation resources. Additionally, careful analysis of how species are distributed can even help identify some of the process underlying that pattern.

This raises the question, how do we measure the diversity within a particular area? Ecologists measure diversity using a variety of techniques but two important ones are Species Richness and Species Evenness. Species richness refers to the total number of species in a particular area, while Species Evenness refers to the distribution of those species within the total species pool. Figure 1, and 2 were tboth contain the same number of individuals (N= 12) however Fig. 1 only contains 1 species while Fig…

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