Backcountry Trip – Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

I recently returned from the 2nd annual backcountry camping trip with my friends Trevor and Candace Sheffield.  Last year, we spent the first night on Sucker Lake and the second on Bottle Lake. This year, we paddled straight into Sucker Lake for two nights.  As you can see from the map below, the portage between … More Backcountry Trip – Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

Thoughts On Josh Bowmar and Spear Hunting

  Wow.  Bring on the shit-show. That’s the first coherent thought that I could muster after watching a video of Josh Bowmar kill a black bear with a spear.  The former collegiate javelin thrower, equipped with multiple GoPros, has drawn significant criticism for his use of a primitive tool, which many people believe has no place … More Thoughts On Josh Bowmar and Spear Hunting

Dumb and Dumber (Re-post)

Originally posted on wildlifeperspectives:
Not long ago, the Ontario government was proposing to loosen restrictions on wolf hunting, largely in response to some people in the hunting community who have some political clout and connections and who believe a higher harvest of wolves will help struggling moose populations recover. I didn’t think much of what…

Harambe the Gorilla

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks, you’ve certainly heard about the death of Harambe, a 17-year old gorilla, at the Cincinnati Zoo.  A precocious 4 year-old boy managed to escape his mother’s attention (who had her hands full with at least 4 other kids) and climb into Harambe’s enclosure. … More Harambe the Gorilla

Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt: Perception vs. Reality

The spring bear hunt is in full swing, and anti-hunting groups have cranked up their rhetoric in local media outlets.  The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is  Ontario’s leading non-profit conservation-based organization and a long-time advocate for the reinstatement of the spring bear hunt.  As the OFAH wildlife biologist, I feel compelled to weigh in on … More Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt: Perception vs. Reality