Backcountry Trip – Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

I recently returned from the 2nd annual backcountry camping trip with my friends Trevor and Candace Sheffield.  Last year, we spent the first night on Sucker Lake and the second on Bottle Lake. This year, we paddled straight into Sucker Lake for two nights.  As you can see from the map below, the portage between the two lakes is only 81 metres, but it is an uphill on the way to Sucker Lake and you need to pay attention to loose rocks and exposed roots.

Bottle and Sucker Lakes, Kawartha Highlands Signature Site



The takeout at Sucker Lake.


We stayed on Site 124.  Like other sites on Sucker Lake, the site is very spacious and has a great lake view. There were a lot of exposed roots and the ground was very uneven, which made it difficult to find a flat open spot for my large tent.  Thankfully the only suitable spot was right by the water’s edge.



American toad
Weird mould/fungus


Trevor and Candace enjoying some vodka and Crystal Light


We took a short canoe trip on Saturday morning to fish some weed beds and lily pads.  Of course, it rained:FB_IMG_1471302294542










It rained most of the day on Saturday, so we spent a good chunk of time at the picnic table under the tarp playing cards and Scrabble and drinking booze:


The uneven ground drove the rainwater straight through our tent pad.


Two loons doing their thing.


The whole point of these backcountry trips is to catch some fish. Trevor and Candace are relatively new to fishing, and Candace caught her first ever fish. We enjoyed a couple of good fish fry’s.


Both lakes are great. Some of the sites on Bottle (105-109) have great sandy beaches, but there are also 3 cottages on the west side of the lake.  Motorboats are permitted on Bottle, whereas Sucker Lake is one of the few (if not the only) lake in the park that doesn’t allow motorboats.  I highly recommend checking out either lake, especially if you are a novice backcountry camper.


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